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Keith Raffel


Keith Raffel

As counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Keith Raffel held a top secret clearance to watch over CIA activities. As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, he founded UpShot Corporation, the award-winning Internet software company, and sold it to Siebel Systems. Keith has also been a carpenter, college instructor, candidate for elective office, and professional gambler. These days he stays busy writing his mysteries and thrillers in his hometown of Palo Alto where he lives with his wife and four children. 

Keith Raffel

Books by Keith Raffel

by Keith Raffel - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

After selling his Silicon Valley company, Alex Kalman spends two years wondering what to do with his life. Then a deathbed request from his estranged grandfather sends Kalman on a quest that takes him from Washington's corridors of power to ancient passages under Jerusalem's Temple Mount. Finally, Americans, Arabs and Israelis agree on something --- the need to stop Alex Kalman.

by Keith Raffel - Fiction, Historical Fiction

In October 1962, JFK needs businessman Nate Michaels’ help opening a back channel to defuse the threat posed by Soviet missiles in Cuba. In both the Pentagon and the Kremlin, pro-war generals want a showdown, not a humiliating compromise. As the world races toward nuclear holocaust during a fine and dangerous autumn, Michaels finds himself spinning in a maelstrom of statecraft, espionage, love and betrayal.

by Keith Raffel - Fiction, Thriller

What Sam Rockman wants out of his stint working for the Senate Intelligence Committee is revenge for the death of his wife. What he gets is danger and betrayal.