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Interview: Karenna Gore Schiff, author of Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America

Feb 10, 2006

February 10, 2006 contributing writer Andi Shechter interviewed Karenna Gore Schiff, author of LIGHTING THE WAY: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America. Schiff explains her criteria for selecting the women profiled in her first book and why it was easier to write about females from the past as opposed to those who are still living. She also discusses what she learned from her subjects that served as personal inspiration to her and reflects on who woman #10 might have been.

Interview: Keri Arthur, author of Full Moon Rising

Feb 3, 2006

February 3, 2006's Jennifer Krieger interviewed Australian supernatural romance writer Keri Arthur, who's making her American debut with FULL MOON RISING. Arthur talks about her inspiration for this sensuous tale of intrigue and suspense, explains how she developed the concept of the Directorate --- an organization created to govern or control vampires and werewolves --- for this novel, and describes the important role that humor plays in fiction, particularly in relation to her protagonist, Riley Jenson.

Interview: Raymond Khoury, author of The Last Templar

Jan 20, 2006's Suspense/Thriller Author Spotlight Team (Carol Fitzgerald, Joe Hartlaub and Wiley Saichek) interviewed veteran screenwriter Raymond Khoury about his novel, THE LAST TEMPLAR. Khoury discusses how he first became interested in the mysterious order of knights on which the book is based, and reveals the long and arduous process of writing and publishing this debut work of fiction. He also comments on the recent popularity of religion-themed thrillers, compares and contrasts screenplays with novels, and even recommends a few titles for further study on the period's history.

Interview: Richard Hawke, author of Speak of the Devil

Jan 13, 2006

January 13, 2006's Suspense/Thriller Author Spotlight Team (Carol Fitzgerald, Joe Hartlaub and Wiley Saichek) interviewed Richard Hawke about his debut work of suspense, SPEAK OF THE DEVIL. Hawke reveals how the novel's plot naturally progressed from a humorous writing exercise and discusses his characters' roots as literary archetypes with contemporary twists. Read on to learn more about Hawke's influences, the ways in which he challenges himself with open-ended storylines, and the future of this very promising series.

Interview: Alan Lee, author of The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook

Dec 16, 2005

December 16, 2005

Artist and conceptual designer Alan Lee played a major role in bringing Middle Earth to life in Peter Jackson's big screen adaptations of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In his latest endeavor, THE LORD OF THE RINGS SKETCHBOOK, he recounts his experiences on this monumental project and details how his ideas progressed from their original concepts to finished art.'s contributing writer Stephen Hubbard interviewed Lee about his interest in art and architecture, and how he combined his knowledge of these subjects with historical background information and his own imagination in his renderings of Tolkien's famous settings.