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Javier Sierra


Javier Sierra

Javier Sierra, whose works have been translated into 40 languages, is the author of THE LOST ANGEL, THE LADY IN BLUE and the New York Times bestselling novel THE SECRET SUPPER. One of the most accomplished authors on the Spanish literary scene, Sierra studied journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid. El Maestro del Prado spent a year on the bestseller list in Spain, gaining the admiration of art experts, aficionados, and critics. A native of Teruel, Spain, he currently lives in Madrid with his wife and two children.

Javier Sierra

Books by Javier Sierra

by Javier Sierra - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Presented as a fictionalized autobiography, THE MASTER OF THE PRADO begins in Madrid in 1990, when Javier Sierra encounters a mysterious stranger named Luis Fovel within the halls of the Prado museum. Fovel takes him on a whirlwind tour and promises to uncover startling secrets hidden in the museum’s masterpieces. It is these secrets that lead Sierra to question his entire understanding of art history and unearth groundbreaking discoveries about European art.

by Javier Sierra - Fiction, Thriller

In approximately 72 hours, a little known Middle Eastern terrorist group plans to bring about the end of the world. Convinced that they are the descendents of angels, they believe they are on the verge of at last being returned to heaven.