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Gareth Russell


Gareth Russell

Educated at Oxford University and Queens University, Belfast, Gareth Russell is a playwright, novelist, historian, and author of the blog "The Confessions of a Ci-Devant," which profiles his historical research and artistic interests. He is also the author of YOUNG AND DAMNED AND FAIR: The Life of Catherine Howard, Fifth Wife of King Henry VIII; THE EMPERORS: How Europe’s Most Powerful Rulers Were Destroyed by World War One; and AN ILLUSTRATED INTRODUCTION TO THE TUDORS. He lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Gareth Russell

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by Gareth Russell - History, Nonfiction, Women's History

In April 1912, six notable people were among those privileged to experience the height of luxury --- first class passage on “the ship of dreams,” the RMs Titanic: Lucy Leslie, Countess of Rothes; son of the British Empire, Tommy Andrews; American captain of industry John Thayer and his son Jack; Jewish-American immigrant Ida Straus; and American model and movie star Dorothy Gibson. Within a week of setting sail, they were all caught up in the horrifying disaster of the Titanic’s sinking, one of the biggest news stories of the century. Today, we can see their stories and the Titanic’s voyage as the beginning of the end of the established hierarchy of the Edwardian era.

by Gareth Russell - Biography, History, Nonfiction

On the morning of July 28, 1540, as King Henry’s VIII’s former confidante Thomas Cromwell was being led to his execution, a teenager named Catherine Howard began her reign as queen of a country simmering with rebellion and terrifying uncertainty. Sixteen months later, the king’s fifth wife would follow her cousin Anne Boleyn to the scaffold, having been convicted of adultery and high treason. The broad outlines of Catherine’s career might be familiar, but her story up until now has been incomplete. Unlike previous accounts of her life, which portray her as a naïve victim of an ambitious family, YOUNG AND DAMNED AND FAIR sheds new light on Catherine Howard’s rise and downfall.