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Cat Shook


Cat Shook

Cat Shook graduated from the University of Georgia in 2016 with degrees in Creative Writing and Mass Media Arts. Born and raised in Georgia, she now lives in Manhattan. IF WE'RE BEING HONEST is her first novel.

Cat Shook

Books by Cat Shook

by Cat Shook - Fiction, Humor

Presley Fry is not amused. She’s been an assistant at the Late Night Show for way too long, she’s adopted a “business casual” approach to dating to save herself from the embarrassment of seeking genuine connection, and she’s content to let her gregarious roommate, Isabelle, orchestrate her entire social life. Not completely disillusioned, Presley is enamored with the world of stand-up comedy. Presley is still reeling from her mother's death, which still knocks the wind out of her every time she reaches for the phone. Enter Susan Clark, her late mother's childhood best friend. Susan is married to the head of the network where Presley works, and is determined to take Presley under her wing. She’s equally determined to connect Presley with her son, the bright and affable Lawrence, who couldn’t be further from Presley’s type.

by Cat Shook - Fiction, Women's Fiction

When Gerry, the beloved Williams patriarch, dies suddenly, his grandchildren flock from across the country to the family home in Eulalia, Georgia. But when Gerry’s best friend steps up to the microphone to deliver his eulogy, the funeral turns out unlike anyone expected. The cousins cope with their fresh grief and various private dramas. Delia refuses to shut up about her ex. Her sister, Alice, flusters when she spots her high school sweetheart, hiding a secret that will change both of their lives. Grant is preening in the afterglow of his recent appearance on “The Bachelorette” and looking to reignite an old flame with the least available person in town. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Red, desperately searches for a place in the boisterous family.