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Author News & Interviews

Interview: Jonathan Kellerman, author of Survival of the Fittest

Nov 24, 1997

November 24, 1997

On November 24, 1997, THE BOOK REPORT welcomed bestselling psychological thriller writer Jonathan Kellerman to discuss his new book, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. In our brief time together, we managed to cover topics ranging from guitar playing to American perceptions of Israel. Interested? Read on for more about a thoughtful and intelligent writer. Our interviewer was Jennifer Levitsky (BookpgJL) and our host was MarleneT.

Interview: Brad Meltzer, author of The Tenth Justice

Jul 9, 1997

July 9, 1997

On July 9, 1997, TBR welcomed Brad Meltzer, whose first novel, THE TENTH JUSTICE, was just published. Our interviewer was Jesse Kornbluth (BookpgJK), editor of The Book Report. Our online host was BookpgXena.

Interview: Sandra Brown, author of Fat Tuesday

Jun 17, 1997

June 17, 1997

On Tuesday, June 17, best-selling author Sandra Brown visited THE BOOK REPORT to discuss her latest novel, FAT TUESDAY, as well as the phenomenal writing career which has seen each of her novels become more successful than the last. TBR's BookpgLiz was our interviewer and BookpgZena our unflappable host.

Interview: Sandra Brown, author of Fat Tuesday

Jun 1, 1997


When we caught up with Sandra Brown, she was just coming off of a long morning of telephone interviews. Still, despite the poking and prodding of nosy journalists, Sandra was a delight. Southern women do have a certain special charm --- and Brown embodies it. Stories about flashers at a recent trip to Mardi Gras and her 2,000-pound "pet" steers sound so much better in her mellifluous, Texan voice. So as you read, imagine warmth coming across in every word.

Interview: Nelson DeMille, author of Plum Island

May 27, 1997

May 27, 1997

On May 27, l997, THE BOOK REPORT welcomed Nelson DeMille, one of America's best-loved novelists and the author of the just-published PLUM ISLAND. The TBR interviewer was Jesse Kornbluth (BookpgJK). Our host was MarleneT.