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Ashley C. Ford


Ashley C. Ford

Ashley C. Ford is a writer, host and educator who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband, poet and fiction writer Kelly Stacy, and their chocolate lab Astro Renegade Ford-Stacy. Ford is the former host of "The Chronicles of Now" podcast, co-host of the HBO companion podcast "Lovecraft Country Radio," seasons one and three of MasterCard’s "Fortune Favors The Bold," as well as the video interview series PROFILE by BuzzFeed News, and Brooklyn-based news and culture TV show, "112BK."

She was also the host of the first season of Audible's literary interview series, Authorized. She has been named among Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 in Media (2017), Brooklyn Magazine's Brooklyn 100 (2016), Time Out New York's New Yorkers of The Year (2017), and Variety’s New Power of New York (2019).

Ashley C. Ford

Books by Ashley C. Ford

by Ashley C. Ford - Memoir, Nonfiction

Through poverty, adolescence and a fraught relationship with her mother, Ashley Ford wishes she could turn to her father for hope and encouragement. But he’s in prison, and she doesn’t know what he did to end up there. She doesn’t know how to deal with the incessant worries that keep her up at night, or how to handle the changes in her body that draw unwanted attention from men. In her search for unconditional love, Ashley begins dating a boy her mother hates. When the relationship turns sour, he assaults her. Still reeling from the rape, Ashley desperately searches for meaning in the chaos. Then her grandmother reveals the truth about her father’s incarceration…and Ashley’s entire world is turned upside down.