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Andrew Solomon


Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon is a professor of psychology at Columbia University, president of PEN American Center, and a regular contributor to The New Yorker, NPR, and The New York Times Magazine. A lecturer and activist, he is the author of FAR AND AWAY: Essays from the Brink of Change: Seven Continents, Twenty-Five Years; the National Book Critics Circle Award-winner FAR FROM THE TREE: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity, which has won 30 additional national awards; and THE NOONDAY DEMON; An Atlas of Depression, which won the 2001 National Book Award, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, and has been published in 24 languages. He has also written a novel, A STONE BOAT, which was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times First Fiction Award, and THE IRONY TOWER: Soviet Artists in a Time of Glasnost. His TED talks have been viewed over 10 million times. He lives in New York and London and is a dual national.

Andrew Solomon

Books by Andrew Solomon

written and read by Andrew Solomon - Essays, Nonfiction

FAR AND AWAY collects Andrew Solomon's writings about places undergoing seismic shifts --- political, cultural and spiritual. Chronicling his stint on the barricades in Moscow in 1991, when he joined artists in resisting the coup whose failure ended the Soviet Union; his 2002 account of the rebirth of culture in Afghanistan following the fall of the Taliban; his insightful appraisal of a Myanmar steeped in contradictions as it slowly, fitfully pushes toward freedom; and many other stories of profound upheaval, this book provides a unique window onto the very idea of social change.

by Andrew Solomon - Nonfiction

Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, a Books for a Better Life Award, and one of The New York Times Book Review’s Ten Best Books of 2012, this masterpiece by the National Book Award-winning author of THE NOONDAY DEMON features stories of parents who not only learn to deal with their exceptional children, but also find profound meaning in doing so.