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Advance Readers' Comments for THE OTHER EINSTEIN

In August, a select group of readers won advance copies of THE OTHER EINSTEIN by Marie BenedictTake a look at some of the readers' comments to give you more insight...and watch out for spoilers!







Judy O. from Marshalltown, IA
I thought THE OTHER EINSTEIN was a terrific book. I learned a lot about Albert Einstein that I certainly had never known before. I can’t pretend to understand the physics and math that were mentioned in the book, but those parts were short and the author did not expect the average reader to understand the concepts. I was often outraged at Albert for the way he treated his wife Mileva. He stole vast knowledge from her, and then took credit for it all. I’m so glad that she found her voice at the end and got away from him. Some other reading I have done about him speculates that he had Asperger’s Syndrome. He was still a nasty, conniving person.

Rating: 5

Describe the book: I would say to a friend that this book is fascinating, interesting and thoroughly engaging. I love to learn new things and what better way than through a great story.

Would you recommend?: Yes, I already have recommended it to the ladies in my book club and others. I was in the library today and told the librarian to be sure and put it on her list to buy when it comes out in October. I also have an informal blog on Facebook where I recommend good books. I’m going to wait until closer to release date, but I will talk about this one for sure. Of course, I always share on’s Word of Mouth.

Carol C. from Ephrata, PA
I found THE OTHER EINSTEIN hard to put down, but it made me sad to see Mitza become so downtrodden.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: THE OTHER EINSTEIN is a fictionalized history of Albert Einstein’s first wife. Milena (Mitza) is a brilliant physicist (which is true) who meets Albert, a fellow university student. He pursues her, and they collaborate on theories and eventually fall in love. But things begin to unravel and Mitza gets pushed further to the side as Einstein takes all the credit for their joint discoveries (this part is not proven, and most scholars discount it). What will she do --- resign to being a housewife or rediscover herself and her science?
Would you recommend?: I already have.
Lesley B. from Lexington, KY
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and could not put it down! Bennett did a wonderful job of describing a tale of the ages that has led to the adage: "Behind every great man is a great woman." Mileva is part of the reason Albert is so well-known today. She was more than his sounding board or simply his proofreader. Bennett's characters jump off the page and act out the joys, sorrows, successes and tragedies right before the reader. She did a good job of tempering that which is factually known and that which is plausible. Some readers may find small segments of the book hard to read as with all lives lived there are parts not fit for common consumption. I would gladly pick up a second offering by this author!
Rating: 5
Describe the book: This book is about Albert Einstein's first wife, Mileva Marić, who also went to school to be a physicist. It details her early childhood and the reasons for her being bookish. This is a fascinating story of Mileva and Albert and their tumultuous relationship and their multitude of friends who also were in the field of science.
Would you recommend?: Yes, and I already have recommended it to several people.
Ilene H. of Naperville, IL
Rating: 5
Describe the book: What a great book! I loved the character of Milev. She deserved the Nobel Prize more than Albert.
Would you recommend?: I will recommend it to everyone.
Wendi M. from Randall, MN
I loved it.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: This book is a beautifully-written story about the life of Albert Einstein through the eyes of his wife, Mileva Marić (also a brilliant physicist herself) and what she had to endure to be a part of his life. Like other stories, this book shows how behind every great man is a greater women. I loved this story. It’s a must-read.
Would you recommend?: I already have.
Sheldon F. from Denver, CO
THE OTHER EINSTEIN was written Well and the subject matter was interesting. I read it in two days. I thought it was a real page-turner.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: This is a book about a remarkable woman who lived in the shadow of a self-centered, egotistical husband. It’s about a woman who searches for and finally gets her own strength to assert herself , not only as a woman, but as an educated woman more than equal to her husband’s abilities. It is a story as timely today as it was in the 1900’s of women who are treated as second class citizens, and how they handle the situation. A good read!
Would you recommend?: Yes, and I have already recommended it to two others.
Andrea R. from Stockton, CA
This book was captivating. It transported me to a time when women had almost no rights at all.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: This is a story about an Eastern European woman that went to college to study physics in a time when women were only supposed to be wives and mothers. I had never heard about Einstein’s first wife before reading this book. I found her to be an incredibly strong and intelligent woman.
Would you recommend?: Yes.
Nancy N. from Onalaska, WI
I loved THE OTHER EINSTEIN. I couldn't put it down. Once I finished it, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Marie Benedict did a wonderful job of portraying the life of Mileva Marić. The story is easy to read. I would highly recommend to book groups.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: This is a story told by Albert Einstein's first wife, who was also a physicist. While it is a fictionalized account, Marie Benedict tried to keep the story as accurate as possible. The plot shows what it was like to be a woman in the very late 1800s and early 1900s in a male-dominated environment.
Would you recommend?: Yes.
Aletheia A. from Albuquerque, NM
I thought THE OTHER EINSTEIN was an engaging, intriguing, and entertaining foray into a possible version of the Einsteins' lives. I particularly loved the story of Mileva's academic struggle --- which isn't quite as far removed from current struggles as it should be! -- and her friendship with her girlfriends at school. I also enjoyed that, despite the fact that it's dealing with real historical figures, the story came first.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: THE OTHER EINSTEIN is a novelization of the life of Einstein's wife Mileva and their relationship. It explores the disparate treatment of women in academia in the late 1800s/early 1900s, as well as the often incredibly unfair way women were marginalized and discredited, even when linked intricately with famous people. But at its core, THE OTHER EINSTEIN is a story about relationships and the difficult decisions women are often put in positions to make when deciding between their passions and their other life obligations.
Would you recommend?: Yes --- I already have!
Patricia F. from Saugus, MA
I really enjoyed what I have read. I like historical fiction and this is done so well.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: The book is very well-written and follows the historical setting and timeline which makes it very readable and interesting. The author takes a very obscure story and character and brings them to life revealing so much about Albert Einstein that hasn't been brought to the public before.
Would you recommend?: Yes and I will recommend it to my bookclub. We generally wait until we can get books from our local libraries as it's costly to download or buy books.
Diana P. from La Grange, TX
I found the book to be very, very interesting. It gave me a good look into the life of women in that time period as well as the lack of higher education for them. The treatment of women in general was true to the era and the discrimination of people from other countries. The relations between the Einsteins was heartbreaking to read about, but not surprising. I was very pleased with the book.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: I told my friends that it is a good read and you will enjoy it, but you will not like Albert so much.
Would you recommend?: I have already recommended it to several friends.
Cindi H. from Edwardsville, IL
I enjoyed the book very much, but I found it a bit slow at the beginning.
Describe the book: I found Mileva Maric and her individuality, for the time period, refreshing. She was a brilliant woman behind Albert Einstein! Mileva pursued her personal goals, despite the social conventions of the 19th century. I am very interested in what happened to their daughter.
Would you recommend?: I have already lent the book to three friends!
Paisley R. from Scottsdale, AZ
I loved the subject matter, voice, and the clear, yet wonderfully descriptive language.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: This work of historical fiction is written from the point of view of Mileva Marić Einstein. In addition to being Albert's first wife, she was a brilliant physicist and mathematician in her own right. This fascinating portrayal describes her struggles to balance her intellectual and personal needs and goals with those of her famous husband.
Would you recommend?: Yes, definitely! I will be sending it off to a friend next week.
Cathy L. from Warren, MI
I liked THE OTHER EINSTEIN very much. I never knew anything about Albert Einstein's personal life, only that he was a brilliant scientist and a Nobel Prize winner. I found the story of his wife, Mileva, fascinating and Googled to find out more about her.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: This book is a glimpse into the life of a brilliant woman at the turn of the 20th century who dealt with many obstacles, one of which was her famous husband, Albert Einstein. I'm glad I live in the modern 21st century, but even now, women have more to contend with than men.
Would you recommend?: Yes, I recommended it to my book club for a future read.
Gayle M. from Dayton, OH
I found the book, THE OTHER EINSTEIN, to be an easy read. It is well-written. The story is fascinating as there is little known about Einstein's wife. It gives you insight into the "real" life of a brilliant scientist and the treatment of his wife and children. I'm glad she finally found her backbone and stood up to him. It makes me want to read more about her life after she left Albert. I love a book that makes me want to find out more about the people in the story.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: This book is an interesting read about a brilliant woman who, due to constraints men put on her, could not excel in her field. Her husband held her back and she was actually the one who allowed Albert to become famous.
Would you recommend?: Yes I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.
Judy K. from Huntington, NY
I loved it and found it quite intriguing.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: This book is an amazing look into the role of women in the scientific world at the turn of the 20th century. I had never considered that Albert Einstein might have been married, let alone to a fellow physicist. The early part of the book seemed to humanize Einstein, but by the end, I felt his behavior matched his “wild hair” persona!
Would you recommend?: I already have.
Kathy G. from Ellicott City, MD
I enjoyed reading this novel and found it difficult to put it down.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: I would describe THE OTHER EINSTEIN as a historical fiction novel that tells the untold story of Einstein's first wife, Mileva Marić. She was a Serbian physicist who was the only woman scientist in the same class as Albert Einstein at the Zurich Polytechnic School. She fell in love with him and their relationship was complicated. The author brings up the premise that Mileva, not Einstein, discovered the Theory of Relativity. This is a story about love and betrayal and the reader will be swept into this novel.
Would you recommend?: Yes, I would recommend this book to a friend and to my book club.
Janet H. from Oswego, NY
I just finished reading THE OTHER EINSTEIN by Marie Benedict. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres and this book did not disappoint. I actually knew nothing about the life of Mileva Marić, but loved reading the fictionalized book and then actually researching her life.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: I would describe this book as an interesting look into the lives of intellectual women at the turn of the century. Mileva gave up so much in the hopes that Albert would love her and their family. It is a sad story that deserves to be told.
Would you recommend?: I will definitely recommend this book to friends and to my book club group.
Dorothy B. from Burnsville, MN
I enjoyed reading it. Once again, the spouse of a famous male was not given credit for her knowledge.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: Mileva Marić was a very intellectual girl who wanted to please her father and studied physics in a male-dominated school. She was a genius in mathematics. At school, she met and fell in love with Albert Einstein and married him. She thought it was a marriage of gifted minds as well as hearts. She worked with Einstein and helped develop the Theory of Relativity. She was not given the credit she deserved! Eventually, the marriage ended.
Would you recommend?: Yes, I would recommend this book to a friend.
Michele M. from Columbia, PA
I thought the book was well-written and I really enjoyed it. I hope that others will understand the struggles that people born with birth defects or have disabilities can achieve their goals and be very productive people in society. They don’t have to rely on others to pave their road in life.
Rating: 4.5
Describe the book: I would tell others to read and enjoy this book and realize that women (or men) can do what they set their minds to do.
Would you recommend?: Yes.
Anne B. from Albuquerque, NM
The book was fascinating and captivating.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: This compelling novel is about Mileva Marić, Einstein's first wife whose accomplishments and brilliance were hidden due to the power and strength of Einstein. Mileva had the strength of character to study physics and contributed to Einstein's papers, but her efforts were never acknowledged. THE OTHER EINSTEIN is a fascinating and captivating novel. It was memorable and unforgettable.
Would you recommend?: Yes.
Connie P. from Rapid City, SD
THE OTHER EINSTEIN is one of my favorite recently read books. It provided an insight into a person whom I never knew existed. I especially enjoy historical fiction and this book whetted that appetite.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: This book offers a look at a woman who was involved in a man's world which at that time was very unusual. Mileva Einstein had a brilliant mind which she allowed Albert to control in many ways. As an outstanding physicist, she contributed immensely to the theory of relativity. Her "femaleness" offers inspiration to those of us who have never felt comfortable in the scientific arena.
Would you recommend?: I would definitely recommend this book to a friend and am sharing it with others in my book club.
Kim F. from Windsor Heights, IA
This was a fascinating read. The material was complex and yet down-to-earth for a non-science individual.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: The author did a wonderful job of moving you through Mileva’s life and experiences: the only woman in the university with male students, the loss of a child as well as the shame, the feeling of destitution. There was enough science and physics included in the writing to make you get to her intellect while at the same time giving you the human aspect. As women, we thankfully have come a long way.
Would you recommend?: Yes and I’m already looking forward to sharing my copy with a friend.
Laurie O. from West Bloomfield, MI
I really enjoyed THE OTHER EINSTEIN. Not only did I find it to be a fast and engaging read, but also a wealth of information on a person and time that I knew absolutely nothing about prior to reading the book.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: The book is at the top of its game for historical fiction. As we come to know and love “the other Einstein,” wife of a man we’ve heard so much about, we share her growing frustrations for what smart women certainly endured throughout history.  The author makes it easy for us to connect with her on so many levels and we are left thinking about what it took to pave the way for the equality we enjoy today. This is a good, thought provoking story.
Would you recommend?: I would definitely recommend the book to others. In fact, I already have. I am certain my book club and many others will be reading it.
Shirley W. from Champaign, IL
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!!
Rating: 5
Describe the book: To my friends, I describe it as a portrayal of the female role in marriage to a famous man and her struggles to claim her own birthright and sense of worth in the 1900's when it was not as common as it is today!
Would you recommend?: It will be on the list for our book club to read!
Lori C. from Worcester, MA
I loved this book.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: I would describe this book as a compelling and mesmerizing historical love story.
Would you recommend?: I have already lent this book to a friend, and have recommended it to others.
Deborah E. from Suffield, CT
It's a wonderful story about an intelligent woman's struggle for recognition.
Rating: 5
Describe the book: THE OTHER EINSTEIN is a really good story about Mileva Einstein's struggle to be recognized in her own right. She was just as smart as her husband, if not smarter, but because she was a woman, it took a long time and many compromises for her genius to be even somewhat known.  Eventually, she became the scientist she had always dreamed of.
Would you recommend?: Yes, and I already have.
Susan P. from Pembroke Pines, FL
I liked it until the last part of the book. The writer has a very engaging style of writing.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: The story of Mileva Maric Einstein is not well known and the book is about the story of her life. Women in the late 1800s - early 1900s were not encouraged to pursue education or science, but Mileva makes it to Zurich to study at a university, where she meets fellow student Albert Einstein. Their life together does not turn out as she had hoped. It’s an interesting look at how women and science are perceived.
Would you recommend?: Yes.
Gail C. from Hanover, PA
I really enjoyed the book. I learned a lot about Albert Einstein's personality that I had never heard before because I never heard much about his private life.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: THE OTHER EINSTEIN is a book of historical fiction about Mileva Marić, the first wife of Albert Einstein. She was a very intelligent woman who received an advanced education at a time when very few women were attending college. Mileva met Albert Einstein in college. While studying and doing research, they realized they had a lot in common. Unfortunately, Albert's family didn't think Mileva was good enough for Albert because he was Jewish and she was Serbian. Mileva became pregnant, but their marriage was delayed due to Albert trying to find a job, so Mileva had to live with her parents for an extended period. When they were finally together again and Mileva would help Albert with his research, he would not give her credit in his papers when they were published and would not acknowledge his daughter. This caused problems in the marriage for years. If you liked THE PARIS WIFE, you will like THE OTHER EINSTEIN.
Would you recommend?: Yes, I would definitely recommend this book.
Michele M. from East Syracuse, NY
I love historical fiction so I was very excited to receive this book. The book was well-researched and well-written. It talks about the social issues of the time --- women attaining higher education and careers and illegitimate births --- that are also problems that ring true today. The most independent woman can grow dependent, either purposefully or accidentally (and in a variety of ways) on the wrong man.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: This book chronicles the struggle of a gifted woman advancing her studies in the late 19th and early 20th century in a time when she would have to be extraordinary in ability and will.  It incorporates the romantic and professional relationship of this university student with a future famous scientist, the rise of the relationship and the eventual deterioration as Einstein gains fame for theories they developed together.
Would you recommend?: I already have.
Jill G. from Rochester Hills, MI
I really enjoyed THE OTHER EINSTEIN.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: This is a beautifully-written book that depicts a brilliant and educated woman that had to shroud her own discoveries to aid in her husband’s ascent. Meliva endured many struggles from growing up in chauvinistic Serbia and the all-male universities to living in the shadow of her husband. This novel shows Albert Einstein in a much different light than most of us have ever known. Kudos to Marie Benedict for telling the life story of Mileva Marić Einstein, Albert's first wife.
Would you recommend?: I would definitely recommend this book to a friend and I will recommend that we read this book in my book club.
Elaine B. from Vero Beach, FL
I was very lucky to have won this book as an advanced reader. When I first entered the contest, I was not very keen on the book, but I said "oh just enter you will not win anyway". To my surprise, the email came and three days later the book arrived. I was never a fan of Albert Einstein because I thought I could never understand science (and, I found him to be a repulsive-looking man). Reluctantly, I started to read the book.  
Rating: 4.5
Describe the book: Mileva Marić was depicted as an unmarriageable young woman as her mother proclaimed "with her deformity,” but her father saw in her an intelligence that most young women of the day did not display. He wanted her to receive the best education possible. She enrolled in the Polytechnic University in Zurich where she met Albert Einstein, a very young man and in her eyes, good looking with unruly wild hair. I fell in love with Mileva and from then on I not only read the book, but was lost in it. It was as if I lived in those pages. Albert was not a very nice man and I am being kind. My opinion of him was not only that he was repulsive-looking, but was also repulsive in his way. The author did a marvelous job of telling the story of a woman not well known. Mileva was a woman way ahead of her time.
Would you recommend?: I have already recommended this book to my book club as a selection for the future.
Lori S. from Manalapan, NJ
I just finished THE OTHER EINSTEIN and I enjoyed it very much. While I thought it was a bit slow in developing the historical characters, it did pick up eventually.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: I don't know if the portrait of Albert Einstein is accurate, but he certainly came off as an unlikable egotistical "genius.” It was interesting how Mitza was encouraged by her father, first, and then by Einstein, until he became famous and refused to acknowledge her contributions.
Would you recommend?: I would definitely recommend this book to book clubs and my friends. In fact, I have already passed it along to a friend. It would intrigue anyone who likes historical fiction as well as women's rights, and would provide for a good discussion.
Anne W. from Franklin, TN
I really enjoyed THE OTHER EINSTEIN. I enjoyed learning about Mitza and her life. There were times I'd forget that it was taking place over 100 years because the themes about equal rights for jobs, recognition, the balance of career and family, etc. are still so applicable. She was quite a woman. At times it was hard to read because I realized that women are still dealing with the same issues we dealt with over a century ago. I was so glad Mitza had her friendship with Helene, and also got to meet and chat with Marie Curie. My opinion of Albert Einstein really changed. It was more contemporary than I would have thought.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: This book is a fascinating story of Mitza Einstein, a brilliant physicist and fascinating woman. She was the first wife to Albert Einstein, who gave her no credit for her scientific contributions to "his" papers. She dealt with the same issues contemporary women deal with: equal rights for careers, recognition for intellectual advances, balance of career and family, social injustice, etc. It is a really interesting read.
Would you recommend?: I will recommend it to others. I've mentioned it to several people already and will post on Facebook about it. I think it'll be a good selection for book clubs.
Vicki S. from Mount Airy, MD
THE OTHER EINSTEIN was interesting. It was easy to read while sitting on the beach.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: THE OTHER EINSTEIN is an easy-to-read book based on the premise that Mileva Marie, Albert Einstein's wife, was responsible, in great part, for his theory of relativity which won him the Nobel Prize. Although this is the premise, the story also deals with the low status of women and their educational and life expectations. It is also about a woman’s struggle to get any kind of degree and how she would focus on her husband and children before using the degree to advance her own career.
Would you recommend?: I had thought to recommend this to my daughter, a biochemistry major. She would probably enjoy the book, but not because of the science. I would also recommend this book to some friends for a light "historical, women's issues" read.
Tanya F. from Montrose, CO
I enjoyed the book and really liked the characterization of Mitza. I am a fan of historical fiction based on the wives of the famous. In fact, LOVING FRANK is one of my all time favorite books.
Rating: 4
Describe the book: I would say: THE OTHER EINSTEIN reminded me of LOVING FRANK and THE PARIS WIFE. It gave me great insight into the young, academic Einstein. I was impressed that this is a first love!
Would you recommend?: I already have recommended this book to a friend. I also found myself telling Mitza’s stories to some of my fifth graders who had done a project about Einstein. I liked how Marie Benedict shared that the inspiration to research Mitza came from a children’s biography.
Michelle T. from Hopkinton, IA
It was an interesting read that explores the bias against women in the late 1800's. It raises the question: How much of Einstein work could/should be attributed to his wife?
Rating: 4
Describe the book: This book is a glimpse into the relationship between Einstein and his wife. It is a look into the bias against women and their contributions to early scientific discoveries. Was Einstein really the genius we have all learned about or was his wife the genius who had her theories claimed by a man?
Would you recommend?: Yes.
Carroll S. from Midlothian, VA
I enjoyed THE OTHER EINSTEIN, but not as much as some other historical fiction novels about the wives of famous men such as THE AVIATOR’S WIFE and THE PARIS WIFE.
Rating: 3
Describe the book: THE OTHER EINSTEIN is about Mileva Marić, the underappreciated and very bright first wife of Albert Einstein. Some historians think that she co-authored his theory of relativity and never received her due of the honors. She was underappreciated and lived in Einstein's shadow as he became the scientific "darling" of the physics world. Mileva Marić was a brilliant physicist in her own right and struggled in a male-dominated world of science. Sadly, she was forced to forego her life as an aspiring scientist. It was an interesting read.
Would you recommend?: I have already recommended this book to a friend.
Joan M. from Portland, OR
What a complex book! I had to continually remind myself that the events occurred more than one hundred years ago in an era of very different educational, social and family expectations for men and women. Mileva and Albert started as such a strong team, once she dropped her reservations about him.  But, then she became too trusting, allowing him to claim her math abilities and intelligence as his own.  In terms of her life and potential, this is a very sad story. As for Albert, I wonder if there simply wasn't room for two geniuses in their marriage or, if he believed he was somehow entitled to hers, too. At least in the story, his friends recognized that the math presented as his had been done by her.
Rating: 3.5 (...because there's room for at least one sequel considering the psychological aspects of the marriage. Or, if not a sequel, a really good bookclub discussion!)
Describe the book: I would describe this book as a surprising and enlightening story about Mr. and Mrs. Einstein.
Would you recommend?: I have recommended the book to several friends.
Laurice M. from Indiahoma, OK
I couldn't get into it. It didn't draw my attention.
Rating: 2.5
Describe the book: The book gives possible insight into the relationship between Einstein and his first wife. The fictionalization is interesting.
Would you recommend?: Maybe.
Cheryl R. from Overland Park, KS
I thought THE OTHER EINSTEIN was a shallow look at a historical couple. The author focused on their relationship and their connection to science through their studies, but didn't seem to delve deeply into any of the topics that she brought up. I had trouble maintaining enough interest in Mrs. Einstein, as a character, to keep reading the book. If I hadn't received the book for free, I probably would have just skimmed it.
Rating: 2
Describe the book: THE OTHER EINSTEIN is historical fiction about Einstein's first wife. They met at university when it was rare for a woman to be educated in the sciences. They had three children, two that lived to adulthood, and eventually divorced. The book details Mrs. Einstein's early life, courtship with Albert, and the breakup of their marriage. The author speculated that Mrs. Einstein may have contributed to the theories that helped Albert Einstein win the Nobel Prize.
Would you recommend?: I wouldn't recommend this book to a friend. It was too boring and speculative.
Lillian T. from Orlando, FL
To be honest, I wanted to like it. When I saw the cover of the book and read that the novel was about Mileva Maric, Einstein's wife, it motivated me to request an Advanced Reader Copy. But, I am totally disappointed. I found myself pushing through the first 65% part of the book, which was very boring. I think that the reason could have been the writing style of the author. It lacked emotion. I did not feel any empathy towards Mileva's character, only from the 65% forward. The author dragged out too much at the beginning when describing Mileva's university life, her pension friends and these musical meetings and visits with Albert. The last 35% of the novel was much better, I saw the true colors of the character's come out, especially in Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric. I loved the way the author came to closure with her epilogue, which I found brilliant. Also, the author was very accurate with the historical facts from what I have read in the biography of both characters and their three children.
Rating: 3
Describe the book: This is a historical fiction novel based on Albert Einstein's wife, Mileva Maric. She had a brilliant scientific mind. Her biggest error was to enter in a scientific relationship, where she acted upon a force that drew her towards Albert Einstein's direction, expectation and selfishness. His demands for her to be a mother, a lover, a wife and most important, his scientific partner, made her have to sacrifice whatever dream, desire or professional ambition that she had. Until, the day came that an exerted force equal in magnitude and opposite direction took over and gave her life and freedom back.
Would you recommend?: No, I would not.
Dawn Z. from Camden, SC
I so wanted to love this book. I was planning on buying it even before being chosen for this opportunity. As a fan of THE PARIS WIFE and others of the genre, my expectations were fairly high. I am saddened that I found this book to be a disappointment. I was especially struck by the lack of development of nearly all the characters, which would have been so easy to complete as this is a fictional rendering of historical persons.  The relationship between Mitza and her father seemed to have the most depth, but yet only appeared on occasion, and some of those occasions were odd (Who would notice what page someone was on in a book their child were reading just as soon as they walked in the door? Maybe if the father was fleshed out more, that type of event would seem normal, but without depth of is just weird. A blond, blue-eyed daughter of two dark-haired and dark-eyed parents? Not impossible, although certainly worth noting it as a special difference. In regards to the development of the book, it seemed totally unnecessary.) Using dates at the beginning of each chapter seemed a way to tie it to actual history, but then there was little to no reference to the need for using the date and I found it only to be a distraction. There were other irritations. A major one being the continual use of pet names. If you removed the pet names and any referral to pet names, I bet the actual number of pages in the book would be reduced. It seemed these names were often used as a filler when more actual story could have been written. This could have been a book that was so much fuller, and I was left wishing that were the case. I was hoping for a book I could rave about and champion. Instead, it left me sad. This book, however, did make me look up to Mrs. Einstein, and for that, I am thankful. I would have never known about her otherwise.
Rating: 3
Describe the book: For an intriguing first glimpse at an otherwise unknown life, spend a weekend reading THE OTHER EINSTEIN. It is an example of the something and someone in our world we think we know, and how much what we have taken as fact has much deeper roots.
Would you recommend?: Maybe. I will share it with my daughter who is a graduate student in English to see if her observations are similar or different than mine.
Cindy D. from Mesa, AZ
THE OTHER EINSTEIN was just okay.  I had to make myself finish it. I think the reason is that I did not like Mileva Marić. The author did not make her come to life. For example, there were not enough details about how her hip defect impaired her and there was too much whining about not being recognized.  Benedict fleshed out the incidents in a plausible way, but did not convince me that Mileva contributed as much to the Theory of Relativity as the book says.
Rating: 3
Describe the book: THE OTHER EINSTEIN introduces Albert Einstein's first wife and her possible contributions to his research. The story begins when they meet as students in Switzerland and tells about their courtship, marriage and divorce. The story is set in the historical context of the period --- ethnic distrust, anti-Semitism and the second rate status of women influence the the events of the book.
Would you recommend?: Maybe I would recommend it to a friend. It would be interesting to see if someone else responds the same way.
Terry W. from Coal Valley, IL
As is too often the case with fictionalized biographies, this book took very few known facts (as summarized in the two and three quarter pages of the author's note at the end) and padded them mercilessly with unnecessary dialogue and descriptions. A book that could have been about a brilliant and inventive young woman, read, instead, like a poorly written soap opera. I was very interested in the struggles and accomplishments of Einstein's first wife, but found that she was diminished by the lack of existing facts and need to fill a volume with speculation regarding personal moments which detracted from the story and Mrs. Einstein's accomplishments. The book does address part of the struggle the young student had to achieve the education she wanted and her father desired for her, the discrimination she faced due to her gender, ethnicity, and physical special needs. It also portrays how she struggled when she dropped out of school and as a wife and mother; particularly her sorrow over the loss of her daughter, conceived out of wedlock, and her youngest son. It speaks of her having to uproot her family time and again, to fulfill the ego of Einstein and describes his many betrayals, not the least of which was his accepting sole responsibility for the famous theory to which she had greatly contributed. I found the book laborious and generally disappointing.
Rating: 1
Describe the book: I'd describe this book to a friend much as I reported above: Don't expect to learn anything relevant about the subject. Be prepared for some pretty uninspired writing. Don't waste your time unless you like doing so.
Would you recommend?: I would only recommend this book to a friend who did not value a well-told tale and a more accurate accounting of/speculation about events.
Diane W. from Minster, OH
I did not really care for this book. It dragged on and was very difficult to “get into.” It was a sad book that lacked intimate details that would have drawn the reader in more. Even though it is fiction, the author describes in the author’s notes that she did extensive research that should of brought more depth to the writing.
Rating: 2
Describe the book: As described above, I never felt a personal connection to the characters in this story.
Would you recommend?: I will not be recommending this book to anyone.