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End-of-the-Year Contest 2012

We are thrilled to announce a very special contest on featuring Carol Fitzgerald’s Bets On picks from this year. One Grand Prize winner will be awarded ALL of her 28 selections for 2012, while 28 others will win a copy of one of these titles.

The Woman at the Light by Joanna Brady

One afternoon in 1839, Emily Lowry’s husband vanishes from Wreckers’ Cay, an isolated island off the coast of Key West where he tends to the lighthouse. Unexpected help arrives when a runaway slave named Andrew washes up on their beach. At first, Emily is intensely wary of this strange, charming man, but Andrew proves himself an enormous help and soon wins his place in Emily’s life.

Week of July 2, 2012

A spell-casting debut from Erin Morgenstern, THE NIGHT CIRCUS tells the story of a circus that arrives without warning. No announcements precede it, no paper notices plastered on lampposts and billboards. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Both playful and seductive, THE NIGHT CIRCUS, is a mesmerizing love story for the ages.

The Woman at the Light by Joanna Brady

July 2012

THE WOMAN AT THE LIGHT by Joanna Brady opens on Wrecker’s Cay in 1839, where Emily Lowry soon learns that her lighthouse keeper husband has not returned from a trip in his boat. Suddenly she is alone with her three young children, keeping not only her hearth and home, but also the lighthouse beacon burning. Wrecker’s Cay is isolated, and life there is lonely. So when a young black man with manacles attached to his hands washes up on their shore, there’s definitely time for tension to unfold. Who is he, and what is his story? Can he be trusted?