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Anna Quindlen, author of Still Life with Bread Crumbs

Anna Quindlen’s latest novel begins with an imagined gunshot and ends with a new tin roof. Between the two is a wry and knowing portrait of Rebecca Winter, a photographer whose work made her an unlikely heroine for many women. After fleeing the city for the middle of nowhere, she discovers --- in a tree stand with a roofer named Jim Bates --- that what she sees through a camera lens is not all there is to life.

Week of October 27, 2014

Releases for the week of October 27th include STILL LIFE WITH BREAD CRUMBS by Anna Quindlen, a wry and knowing portrait of a photographer who discovers that what she sees through a camera lens is not all there is to life; AN OFFICER AND A SPY, the story of the infamous Dreyfus affair told by Robert Harris as a chillingly dark, hard-edged novel of conspiracy and espionage; RAISING STEAM, the 40th installment in Terry Pratchett's Discworld fantasy series; and MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH EATING by Ann Mah, the memoir of a young diplomat’s wife who must reinvent her dream of living in Paris --- one dish at a time.

A Conversation with Deborah Barrow

As a media executive in magazines, broadcast, the Internet and beyond, Deborah Barrow has seen it all. Now, working development for a regional NPR affiliate network, she finds herself on the road a lot, where audiobooks come in handy. Though she's relatively new to the medium, Deborah shares some apt thoughts about her experience as a listener.