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Dashing Through the Snow


Dashing Through the Snow

Jack Reilly, head of the Major Case Squad with the NYPD, and his
wife, Regan Reilly, a private investigator, are headed to
Branscombe, New Hampshire for the folksy Christmas celebration, the
Festival of Joy. Joining them are Nora Regan Reilly, an author and
Regan's mom; Luke Reilly, Regan's dad; and good friends and lottery
winners Willy and Alvirah Meehan. As usual, crime follows Jack and
Regan like numbers follow a dollar sign. They barely arrive in
Branscombe when they are drawn into a mystery involving a missing
lottery winner.

Four employees of Conklin's Market have just won the lottery.
Usually there are five players in the pool, but Duncan Graham, at
the advice of his financial advisors, chose that very week to bail
on joining the group in the purchase of their tickets. Not to
worry, though. Duncan’s fellow co-workers won with his
powerball number and decide to include him in their winnings.
There’s just one problem --- Duncan has gone missing.

As more time passes, people begin to wonder if perhaps Duncan
played his numbers himself and skipped town as there were two
winning tickets sold in and near Branscombe. Duncan, however, is
not headed out of town, as he has his own problems to contend with.
He has stumbled onto the shysters who took him for his life savings
and stole his winning lottery numbers.

Duncan is not the only one in town with issues. His girlfriend,
Flower, has shown up to surprise him, but when she hears he has won
the lottery and that he is nowhere to be found, she sinks into
despair. Has the man of her dreams turned out to be a nightmare

The lottery money has affected more than just the four official
winners. They all happen to be employed by Conklin's Market, the
company that is doing the catering for the Festival of Joy. When
Mr. Conklin neglected to give them their usual Christmas bonus and
they found out they won the lottery, they promptly quit their jobs.
Now the food for the gaiety may not happen.

When Duncan turns up, all is well but only for a moment because
now Flower has gone missing. The Reillys and the Meehans try to
figure out what happened to the her, how to apprehend the crooked
financial advisors and even solve the mystery of a unique ring that
has found its way from New York City to the little burg of
Branscombe. Will they be able to get to the bottom of everything in
time to salvage the Festival of Joy, or will this festival be
remembered as more of a fiasco?

DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW is the fifth holiday novel featuring
the Reillys penned by the famed mother/daughter mystery writing
team of Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark. This is a fun
read, and fans will enjoy reuniting with favorite characters and
old friends. The picturesque town of Branscombe and the Festival of
Joy will soon put even the grinchiest reader in the holiday

Reviewed by Amie Taylor on December 29, 2010

Dashing Through the Snow
by Mary Higgins Clark

  • Publication Date: November 18, 2008
  • Genres: Fiction, Mystery
  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • ISBN-10: 1439129177
  • ISBN-13: 9781439129173