Shanna Hogan

Shanna Hogan is an acclaimed Arizona journalist and crime writer. An Arizona State University journalism graduate, Shanna has written for numerous publications and is the features editor for the Times Publications group, a family of monthly magazines based in Scottsdale, AZ. Her work has garnered numerous writing awards for feature writing, crime reporting, and investigative journalism. In 2010, she was named Journalist of the Year by the Arizona Press Club. She lives in Phoenix with her husband, Matt LaRussa, and their two dogs.

Shanna Hogan

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by Shanna Hogan - Nonfiction, True Crime

When Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias met at a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, neither realized that they were about to embark on a tumultuous, tempestuous frenzy of sexual attraction and obsession that ultimately would leave one of them dead and the other behind bars in a scandal that was anything but "picture perfect."