Greg King

Greg King is the author of 11 internationally published works of royal and social history, specializing in late Imperial Russia and Edwardian-era royalty, including THE FATE OF THE ROMANOVS, THE COURT OF THE LAST TSAR and the UK bestseller THE DUCHESS OF WINDSOR. A frequent onscreen expert and commentator for historical documentaries, his work has appeared in Majesty Magazine, Royalty Magazine, Royalty Digest and Atlantis Magazine.

Greg King

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by Greg King and Sue Woolmans - History, Nonfiction

In the summer of 1914, three great empires dominated Europe: Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary. Four years later, all had vanished in the chaos of World War I. Drawing on unpublished letters and rare primary sources, Greg King and Sue Woolmans tell the true story behind the tragic romance and brutal assassination that sparked The Great War.