Katherine Pancol

Katherine Pancol is one of France’s best-known contemporary authors. THE YELLOW EYES OF CROCODILES won the Prix de Maison de la Presse for best novel of the year and has sold 2.4 million copies in thirty languages. Pancol was born in Morocco, grew up in France, taught school in Switzerland, and worked as a journalist at Paris-Match and the French Cosmopolitan. She lived in New York from 1980 to 1990 and currently resides in Paris.

Katherine Pancol

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by Katherine Pancol - Fiction

When the gorgeous and wealthy Iris charms a famous publisher into offering her a lucrative deal for a 12th-century romance, she offers her downtrodden sister, Joséphine, a deal of her own: Joséphine will write the novel and pocket all the proceeds, but the book will be published under Iris’s name. All is well --- that is, until the book becomes the literary sensation of the season.