Michael Stanley

Michael Stanley is the writing team of Johannesburg natives Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip. Sears lives in Johannesburg and teaches part-time at the University of Witwatersrand. Trollip was on the faculty at the universities of Illinois, Minnesota, and North Dakota, and at Capella University. A full-time writer, he divides his time between South Africa and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Michael Stanley

Books by Michael Stanley

by Michael Stanley - Fiction, Mystery

When young girls start to go missing, Samantha Khama, a new detective on the Botswana police force, suspects that muti, a traditional African medicine, is the reason. She and Detective David “Kubu” Bengu race to stop a serial killer, all as the father of one of the victims threatens to take matters into his own hands.

by Michael Stanley - Fiction, Ficton , Mystery

In this third installment of the Detective Kubu mystery series, members of an ancient nomadic tribe are fingered in the murder of a ranger in modern-day Botswana.