Owen King

Owen King is the author of WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER: A NOVELLA AND STORIES, and co-editor (with John McNally) of the fiction anthology WHO CAN SAVE US NOW? His fiction has appeared in One Story and Prairie Schooner, among other publications. He has been nominated for a National Magazine Award and recognized in the Pen/O. Henry Prize Stories series. DOUBLE FEATURE, his first novel, will be published by Scribner in 2013. He is married to the novelist Kelly Braffet.

Owen King

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In Owen King’s debut novel, a young man comes to terms with his life in the process and aftermath of making his first film. Unraveling the tumultuous, decades-spanning story of the Dolan family’s friends, lovers and adversaries, DOUBLE FEATURE is about letting go of everything --- regret, resentment, ambition, dignity, moving pictures, the dead --- and taking it again from the top.