Jo Bannister

Jo Bannister started her career as a journalist after leaving school at sixteen to work on a local weekly newspaper. Shortlisted for several prestigious awards, she was editor of the County Down Spectator for some years before leaving to pursue her writing full time. She is the author of the Brodie Farrell mystery series, which began with ECHOES OF LIES (2001).

Jo Bannister

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by Jo Bannister - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Jerome Cardy knew he was going to die and that it would be made to appear like an accident. He might not be able to prevent it, but he was determined to make sure that someone knew what was going to happen. After he is found beaten to death, Ash is unable to forget Jerome’s last awkward words to him: “I had a dog once. Othello. That was its name. Othello.” Certain there is a hidden message in these words, Ash is determined to discover the truth.