Danae Dobson

Author and featured speaker Danae Dobson has written 23 books with combined sales of more than 400,000 copies. She is a popular speaker at church-related events, conferences, and seminars for women and teens. Danae has been a guest on several television shows, including The 700 Club, and more than one hundred radio broadcasts. Danae lives in Southern California.

Danae Dobson

Books by Danae Dobson

by Shirley Dobson and Danae Dobson - Christian, Cookbooks, Family, Food, Holiday, Inspirational

Shirley Dobson and her daughter, Danae, sorted through a lifetime of family stories and special menus to present their time-honored recipes and ideas for more than a dozen seasonal parties. This beautiful book --- part family memoir, cookbook, and lessons in hospitality --- captivates readers, cooks, and party planners alike.