Greg Bardsley

Greg Bardsley is the author of the novel, CASH OUT, which was published by Harper Perennial in October 2012.

He has worked as a Silicon Valley speechwriter, a newspaper reporter, a columnist, and a video producer. His ghostwriting for high-profile business executives has appeared in Newsweek, USA Today, and the Financial Times. His short fiction has appeared in Plots with Guns, 3:AM Magazine, Out of the Gutter, Storyglossia, Crime Factory, Thuglit and Pulp Pusher, as well as the anthologies SEX, THUGS, AND ROCK & ROLL, UNCAGE ME and BY HOOK OR CROOK: The Best Crime and Mystery Stories of the Year. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

Greg Bardsley

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by Greg Bardsley - Fiction, Humor

It's 2008. In three days, family man and Silicon Valley speechwriter Dan Jordan will see his start-up stock vest. He'll cash out with $1.1 million, turn in his frenetic Valley life in for a slower one on the beach with his wife and two children, and finally live the life he's supposed to live. Or so he thinks. Before he can collect his cash and get outta Dodge, all hell breaks loose.