Lisa Carey

LISA CAREY received a B.A. in English and Philosophy from Boston College and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Vermont College. Her only job worth mentioning was at the independent bookstore Brookline Booksmith, where she remains a loyal customer. She divides her time between New England and Ireland. THE MERMAIDS SINGING is her first novel.

Lisa Carey

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by Lisa Carey - Historical Fiction, Literary, Mythology

St. Brigid’s Island, a remote settlement, has scarcely altered since its namesake saint set up a convent of stone huts centuries ago. Those who live there, including sisters Rose and Emer, are resourceful, dependent on the sea and each other for survival.  Despite the island’s natural beauty, it is a place that people move away from, not to --- until Brigid arrives to claim her late uncle’s cottage. Brigid has come for more than an inheritance. She’s seeking a holy well that’s rumored to grant miracles. As months pass, a complicated web of betrayal, fear and desire culminates in one shocking night that will change the island, and its inhabitants, forever.