Fran Elizabeth Grubb

Fran Grubb has a passion for helping and encouraging people. She travels across the United States with her husband, Wayne, singing her way into the hearts of her listeners and speaking at churches, tent revivals, prisons, women's shelters, children's homes, drug and rehab clinics, and any place there is a need. Fran and her husband are founders of Feed The Hungry Chidren, a non profit working with the hurting in Kenya. She loves good coffee, reading, all dogs and belly laughter. When Fran is not writing, she is singing and playing the guitar.

Fran Elizabeth Grubb

Books by Fran Elizabeth Grubb

by Fran Elizabeth Grubb - Christian, Nonfiction

CRUEL HARVEST tells the true story of Fran Grubb’s hard childhood toiling as a migrant worker in
the 1960s, her escape from her tyrannical father, the heartache of a family torn apart, and her eventual expedition to forgiveness and healing, and being reunited with her torn-apart family. It is both a memoir and a final confession, a type of monument in the ground to what has come before, and the power of what can come.