P. J. Parrish

P. J. Parrish is actually two sisters --- Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols --- who pooled their talents and their lifelong love of writing to create the character of Louis Kincaid. Their New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling novels include AN UNQUIET GRAVE, A KILLING RAIN, ISLAND OF BONES, THICKER THAN WATER, PAINT IT BLACK, DEAD OF WINTER and DARK OF THE MOON. They are also the authors of a stand-alone thriller, THE KILLING SONG.

P. J. Parrish

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Books by P. J. Parrish

by P. J. Parrish - Fiction, Mystery

Louis Kincaid’s vacation with his 10-year-old daughter is cut short when Lily takes a fall onto a pile of old bones in an abandoned hunting lodge. His reluctance to take on the case grows when he discovers that the state investigator is Norm Rafsky, who had worked with Louis’s girlfriend Joe Frye 15 years ago. When Joe returns to the island to help, she and Louis must confront the simmering tension between her and Rafsky, and yet stay focused on finding a dangerous killer who still may be in the area.

by P. J. Parrish - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

At 35, Pulitzer Prize–nominated journalist Matt Owens is adrift. But when his beloved younger sister Mandy is murdered on a dance floor, Matt follows a chain of musical clues --– “killing songs” --- to hunt the anonymous killer.