Felix Francis

Felix Francis is the younger of Dick Francis’s two sons. During the last 40 years Felix assisted with the research of many of the Dick Francis novels, not least TWICE SHY, SHATTERED and UNDER ORDERS. Since 2006, Felix has taken a more significant role in the writing, first with DEAD HEAT and then increasingly with the bestsellers SILKS, EVEN MONEY and CROSSFIRE, all father-son collaborations. He continued his father’s legacy with DICK FRANCIS'S GAMBLE and DICK FRANCIS'S BLOODLINE. He lives in England.

Felix Francis

Books by Felix Francis

by Felix Francis - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

When Jeff attends the Kentucky Derby with the US Federal Anti-Corruption in Sports Agency (FACSA) because he has been asked to find a mole in their organization, he accompanies them on a raid to a horse trainer’s barn at Churchill Downs. Someone ends up dead, and on the morning of the Derby itself, three of the most favored horses fall sick in suspicious circumstances. Taking on the undercover role of a groom, Jeff finds himself as the meat in the sandwich between FACSA and corrupt individuals who will stop at nothing, including murder, to capture the most elusive prize in world sport, the Triple Crown.

by Felix Francis - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

In his role as an undercover investigator for the British Horseracing Authority, Jeff Hinkley is approached by a multi-time champion jockey to discuss the delicate matter of losing races on purpose. Little does he know that the call will set off a lethal chain of events, including the apparent suicide of the jockey and an attempt on Hinkley’s own life.

by Felix Francis - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

When undercover investigator Jeff Hinkley is assigned by the British Horseracing Authority to look into the activities of a suspicious racehorse trainer, the last thing he expects to witness is a gruesome murder. Could it have something to do with the reason the trainer was banned in the first place --- the administration of illegal drugs to his horses? In order to limit the damage to the sport, it’s critical that Jeff find the perpetrator. But he’ll soon learn he’s up against someone who will stop at nothing to prevail.

by Felix Francis - Fiction, Mystery

Sir Richard Stewart, chairman of the racing authority, begs retired investigator Sid Halley to investigate a series of dodgy races. Sid adamantly refuses, but the following day, Sir Richard is found dead under suspicious circumstances. And then a man with an Irish accent contacts Sid, telling him to deliver a whitewashed report about the suspected race-fixing…or else. Sid realizes he must meet his enemy head-on, or he might pay the ultimate price for his refusal.

by Felix Francis - Thriller

When Mark Shillingford calls a race in which his twin sister, Clare, comes in second when she could have won, he believes that she lost on purpose. After confronting her with his suspicions, Clare storms off. Hours later, she jumps to her death from the balcony of a London hotel. Devastated and guilty over her death, Mark goes in search of answers. What had led Clare to take her own life? Or was it not suicide at all?

by Dick Francis and Felix Francis

Shell-shocked after losing a foot during his tour in Afghanistan, Captain Tom Forsyth returns to the house of his estranged mother, who always put horses first and family last. 

by Felix Francis - Fiction, Thriller

Nicholas "Foxy" Foxton, a former jockey, is out for a day at the Grand National races when his friend and co-worker Herb Kovak is murdered, execution style, right in front of him --- and 60,000 other potential witnesses. As he struggles to come to terms with Kovak's seemingly inexplicable death, Foxton begins to question everything, from how well he knew his friend to how much he understands his employer.