Daniel Judson

Daniel Judson, Shamus Award winner and four-time finalist, is the author of The Gin Palace Trilogy, comprised of THE POISONED ROSE, THE BONE ORCHARD and THE GIN PALACE; The Southampton Trilogy, comprised of THE DARKEST PLACE, THE WATER'S EDGE and VOYEUR; and three stand-alone novels, THE BETRAYER, THE VIOLET HOUR and AVENGED.

Daniel Judson

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by Daniel Judson - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Five years after his life was saved in Afghanistan by Marine Force Recon Leader Charlie Cahill, former Navy Seabee Tom Sexton lives a bleak, nomadic existence, haunted by the debt he can never repay. Salvation appears in Stella --- a woman as damaged and resourceful as he is. But when a coded distress call from his former CO leads him to a shadowy NSA operative, Tom is recruited for a “black op” to bring back the now-rogue man who saved his life. As he searches for Cahill, Tom quickly uncovers a much larger web of treason and betrayal that calls his entire world into question --- and forces him into the ultimate no-win scenario.

by Daniel Judson - Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Ever since one of Manhattan P.I. Remer’s targets forced him into early retirement, he’s been living in the shadows. Then, when someone from his past needs help, he agrees to one last case --- but the consequences could be deadly.