Jessica Anya Blau

Jessica Anya Blau is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Johns Hopkins University, where she received her masters in fiction and where she currently lectures and teaches creative writing. In 2005, she was chosen as the Tennessee Williams Scholar at Sewanee Writer's Conference. Her stories have appeared in The Sun MagazineThe First LineWashington Square MagazineSanta Barbara Independent, and many more notable publications. The Summer of Naked Swim Parties is based loosely on her childhood in Santa Barbara.

Jessica Anya Blau

Books by Jessica Anya Blau

by Jessica Anya Blau - Fiction

Lexie James escaped: after being abandoned by her alcoholic father and kicked out of the apartment, Lexie made it on her own. She earned a Masters degree, got engaged to the nicest guy she’d ever met, and landed a counseling job at the prestigious Ruxton Academy. But as her wedding date nears, Lexie has doubts. Yes, she’s created the stable life she craved as a child, but is stability really what she wants? In her moment of indecision, Lexie strikes up a friendship with a Ruxton alumnus, the father of her favorite student. It’s a relationship that blows open Lexie’s carefully constructed life, and then dunks her into shocking situations with headline-worthy trouble. 

by Jessica Anya Blau - Fiction, Humor

Twenty-year-old Allie Dodgson has adventures that rival those Alice had down the rabbit hole. Or those of Nancy Botwin from “Weeds.” To help pay for college, Allison is working at a dress shop that turns out to be a front for drug dealers. She ends up on the run --- with a Wonder Bread bag full of cocaine. With a hit man after her, Allison wants the help of her parents but has no way of contacting them.