Richard Russo

Richard Russo lives with his wife in Camden, Maine, and in Boston. In 2002 he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for EMPIRE FALLS.

Richard Russo

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by Richard Russo - Family, Family Life, Fiction, Literary

Richard Russo, at the very top of his game, now returns to North Bath, in upstate New York, and the characters who made NOBODY'S FOOL. Stringing together a twisted web of vibrant and somewhat dysfunctional characters, Russo's newest achievement, EVERYBODY'S FOOL is filled with humor, heart, hard times and people you can’t help but love, possibly because their various faults make them so stridently human.

by Richard Russo - Memoir, Nonfiction

After eight commanding works of fiction, Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Russo now turns to memoir in a hilarious, moving and always surprising account of his life, his parents, and the upstate New York town they all struggled variously to escape.

by Richard Russo - Fiction

Louis Charles “Lucy” Lynch has spent his whole life in Thomaston, a small town in upstate New York. He’s married to Sarah, the girl he fell in love with in high school, owns and operates three convenience stores, including the corner grocery he inherited from his parents, and is perfectly content with his well-established routines and the familiar rhythms of Thomaston. At the age of sixty, as he and Sarah plan their first-ever trip away from home, he looks back on his life, weaving memories into a history of his family and his town. He writes about his outgoing father, who believed fully in the American Dream and loved him unconditionally, and about his critical but caring mother, whose realistic view of life provided the necessary balance to his father’s naïveté and idealism. His descriptions of his childhood—first in the poorest section of Thomaston and later in the lower middle-class neighborhood where his father buys a modest home and a failing store—capture the small humiliations (like the acquisition of the nickname “Lucy”) and larger terrors of a lonely boy bullied by neighborhood toughs.