D. W. Buffa

D. W. Buffa served as a defense attorney for ten years. He is the author of the acclaimed novels: THE JUDGMENT, nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Novel of the Year, THE LEGACY, THE PROSECUTION , THE DEFENSE, STAR WITNESS and, most recently, BREACH OF TRUST.

D. W. Buffa

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by D. W. Buffa - Crime, Fiction, Mystery, Political Thriller

When Robert Constable, President of the United States, dies in bed with a woman in a New York hotel room, the public is told that he died suddenly and peacefully of natural causes --- and alone. The President’s wife, Hillary Constable, asks young senator Bobby Hart, who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, to find out who had her husband murdered and why. As Hart begins to learn more about the President’s shady dealings, he uncovers a massive global criminal and financial conspiracy, headed by a secret underground organization. Yet the closer Hart gets to the truth, the more shocking secrets are revealed that could threaten his life, American Democracy, and the future of the nation.