Melanie Rawn

Melanie Rawn is the three-time Locus Award–nominated author of the bestselling Dragon Prince trilogy and of the Dragon Star trilogy. She graduated from Scripps College with a BA in history and has worked as a teacher and editor. Rawn lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Melanie Rawn

Books by Melanie Rawn

by Melanie Rawn - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction

Melanie Rawn returns to her rich high fantasy world in THORNLOST, the sequel to TOUCHSTONE and ELSEWHENS.

by Melanie Rawn - Fantasy, Ficton

Touchstone, the magical theater troupe, continues to build audiences. But Cayden is increasingly troubled by his “elsewhens,” the uncontrolled moments when he is plunged into visions of the possible futures. He fears that his Fae gift will forever taint his friendships, while his friends fear that his increasing distance will destroy him.

by Melanie Rawn - Fantasy, Fiction

Cayden Silversun is part Elven, part Fae, part human Wizard --- and all rebel. His aristocratic mother would have him follow his father to the Royal Court, to make a high society living off the scraps of kings. But Cade lives and breathes for the theater. With his company, he’ll enter the highest reaches of society and power, as an honored artist --- or die trying.