Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell is an educator and a popular speaker at schools, churches, and conferences nationwide. He is author of ETHIX: BEING BOLD IN A WHATEVER WORLD, coauthor of EXPERIENCE YOUR BIBLE, THE UNSHAKABLE TRUTH®, and UNDERSTANDING INTELLIGENT DESIGN, and general editor of APOLOGETICS FOR A NEW GENERATION and THE APOLOGETICS STUDY BIBLE FOR STUDENTS. He is currently pursuing a PhD in apologetics and worldview studies.

Sean McDowell

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by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell - Christian, Christian Living, Nonfiction

The McDowells proclaim God’s original design --- the Scriptures are His way to reveal Himself so He can enjoy a relationship with people. Experiencing the Bible enables intimacy with God, the relational experience of things like acceptance, joy and comfort, and Bible study that helps believers more deeply love God Himself.