Suzanne Joinson

Suzanne Joinson is an award-winning writer of fiction and nonfiction whose work has appeared in, among other places, the New York Times, Vogue UK, Aeon, Lonely Planet collections of travel writing and the Independent on Sunday. Her first novel, A LADY CYCLIST'S GUIDE TO KASHGAR (2012), was translated into 16 languages and was a national bestseller. She lives in Sussex.

Suzanne Joinson

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by Suzanne Joinson - Fiction, Historical Fiction

In 1920s Jerusalem, 11-year-old Prudence watches her architect father launch an ambitious plan to redesign the Holy City by importing English parks to the desert. He employs a British pilot, William Harrington, to take aerial photographs of the city, and soon Prue becomes uncomfortably aware of the attraction flaring between Harrington and Eleanora, the young English wife of a famous Jerusalem photographer. Years later, Prue is an artist living a reclusive life by the sea when Harrington pays her a surprise visit. What he reveals unravels her world, and she must follow the threads that lead her back to secrets long-ago buried in Jerusalem.

by Suzanne Joinson - Fiction

When Freida learns she has inherited the contents of an apartment belonging to a dead woman she has never heard of, she must embark on an unexpected journey.