Leonard Sweet

Leonard Sweet was born of a mixed marriage: his mother was a fiery Pilgrim Holiness-ordained preacher from the mountains of West Virginia and his quiet father a Free Methodist lay leader from the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. After a deconversion at 17, when Len set about less sowing wild oats than planting prairies, he became an atheist intellectual and scholar dedicated to exposing the nincompoopery and poppycockery, if not tomfoolery and skullduggery of all religions. After this seven-year period of liminality, Len came back to the faith of his ancestors, where he has been ever since, exploring the "insterstices" and "semiotics" of religion, culture and history. He uses two words to describe himself: semiotician and interstitial. In other words, he is obsessed with two questions: "Where have you been?" and "Where are you going?"

Leonard Sweet

Books by Leonard Sweet

by Leonard Sweet - Christian, Christian Faith, Christian Life/Spiritual Growth

Do you secretly think that the harder you work, the more God is pleased with you? You can live like that --- for a while. Renowned author Leonard Sweet explores what it means to please God in the nitty-gritty of life; how that changes from the time we are 5 to the time we are 50; and how in every age of our lives, in everything we do, we can experience God’s gift of play.

by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola - Christian, Christian Life, Nonfiction, Theology

JESUS: A THEOGRAPHY is the first book ever written to combine historical Jesus studies with biblical theology, crafting together one breathtaking saga that tells the Jesus story in both Old and New Testaments. This flagship book demonstrates clearly that every bit of Scripture is part of the same stunning drama, what the authors refer to as the theography of Jesus Christ.

by Leonard Sweet - Christian, Christian Life, Nonfiction

Why wade in the shallows of belief when you can plunge into the depths of faith? You are invited to explore the uncharted regions of faith by following Jesus, completely on his terms.

by Leonard Sweet - Christian, Christian Living, Church Leadership, Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality

"Leadership" has become an obsession for those who are called to equip the body of Christ for service in the Kingdom of God. But Jesus' call is actually found in a pattern of followership. Leonard Sweet proposes an intentional shift from leadership cults to followership cultures.