Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, she has written more than eighty inspirational books, including THE SECRET TO TRUE HAPPINESS, 100 WAYS TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE, the entire Battlefield of the Mind family of books, her first venture into fiction with THE PENNY, and many others. She has also released thousands of audio teachings, as well as a complete video library. Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life radio and television programs are broadcast around the world, and she travels extensively conducting conferences. Joyce and her husband, Dave, are the parents of four grown children and make their home in St. Louis, Missouri.

Joyce Meyer

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by Joyce Meyer - Christian, Christian Life, Nonfiction, Personal Growth

Throughout the Bible, God delights in turning tragic endings into new beginnings. Every biblical fresh start reveals the amazing, awe-inspiring hope we have for our own new beginnings in God's plan for our lives. In YOU CAN BEGIN AGAIN, Joyce Meyer explores the beauty and infinite supply of God's love and grace. Through inspiring stories, Scriptural principles, and her classic practical, life-application approach, Joyce powerfully demonstrates that God isn't done with you yet.

by Joyce Meyer - Christian, Christian Life, Devotional, Nonfiction, Spiritual Growth

Based on Joyce Meyer's New York Times bestseller POWER THOUGHTS, this devotional includes 365 opportunities to tap into God's power in your daily life by thinking and speaking His way. POWER THOUGHTS DEVOTIONAL will provide you with life-changing declarations of truth, directly from God's Word, to think and speak over your life every day of the year.

by Joyce Meyer - Christian, Christian Life, Nonfiction
When bestselling author Joyce Meyer posted "God's not mad at you" on Facebook, she didn't anticipate that her words would trigger thousands of responses of gratitude and relief. Apparently many Christians struggle to reconcile their perception of God as both a loving parent and a stern judge. In GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU, Joyce will help those who haven't truly received God's love because they are afraid of His anger and disapproval.
by Joyce Meyer - Christian Life, Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality

From nail biting to cell phone addiction, procrastination to overspending, bad habits seem to outnumber the good ones. Unfortunately, we pay a price for bad habits that outweighs the immediate gratification that they bring. In this book, Joyce Meyer starts by examining the nature of habits. She then explores how to break bad habits by examining the destructive negative behavior patterns, and moves on to discuss 14 good habits, devoting a chapter to each.

by Joyce Meyer - Christian, Christian Living, Devotional, Nonfiction

In her dynamic new devotional, international speaker and New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer provides you with powerful "starting points" for every day of the year. Each day's devotion is filled with practical advice and help from Meyer along with life-changing promises from God's Word that you can quickly and easily apply in your own life.

by Joyce Meyer - Christian, Christian Life, Nonfiction

Building on the premises of POWER THOUGHTS and LIVING BEYOND YOUR EMOTIONS, Joyce Meyer examines the tremendous power of words --- which are the vehicles that convey our thoughts and emotions --- and provides a series of guidelines for making sure that our talk is constructive, healthy, healing, and used to good results.

by Joyce Meyer - Christian, Christian Life, Religion

Anger is responsible for broken relationships, sleepless nights, high blood pressure and ulcers, and it destroys friendships, marriages and families. In her latest book, Joyce Meyers delves into the important process of forgiving, explaining its positive impact on the roots, the forms and the results of anger.

by Joyce Meyer - Christian, Christian Living, Devotional, Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality

Loving oneself in a balanced, healthy manner is essential in order to have healthy relationships with God, ourselves and others. Drawing upon her previous work and teaching series as well as original devotions, the author of POWER THOUGHTS examines the three loves that we've been commanded to exhibit.

by Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford - Christian, Fiction

Sarah Harper is driven to achieve success no matter what the cost. She wants to do good and not hurt the people she loves --- especially her children and her husband, Joe --- but her desire to succeed in her career too often leaves little time for family. One cold, autumn afternoon, all of that changes when Sarah's car plunges off a bridge and into a river.