Miralee Ferrell

Miralee Ferrell and her husband, Allen, live in a rural community in Washington. She serves on staff at their local church as a licensed minister and is actively involved in ministry to women. Miralee developed an interest in writing in high school and took honors English courses in college, but put writing on the backburner for the next 30 years while raising a family and helping her husband with their growing business. A year and a half ago, she returned to the pen, writing a number of short stories and THE OTHER DAUGHTER.

Miralee Ferrell

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In 1880 Oregon, widow Katherine Galloway must raise her daughters and run a boardinghouse alone. But when her controlling, outspoken mother comes to live with her, and with her older daughter entering the teen years, the pressure on Katherine becomes close to overwhelming. She must find the faith, wisdom and courage to transform her life and relationships, especially now that new-in-town widower Micah Jacobs begins to capture her heart.