Maggie Brendan

Maggie Brendan is the author of the Heart of the West series and DEEPLY DEVOTED. A member of the Authors Guild, Romance Writers of America, and Georgia Romance Writers, Maggie lives in Georgia. Visit her at

Maggie Brendan

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by Maggie Brendan - Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance

Following her sisters' examples, Anna Olsen becomes a mail-order bride, and after a short correspondence with clock maker and jeweler Edward Parker, she moves to Denver to become his wife. Almost immediately it's painfully apparent that Anna and Edward are very different.Can this mismatched couple see past their differences to a harmonious future? Maggie Brendan closes her Blue Willow Brides series with a heartwarming tale of true love despite misunderstanding, showing readers that God's timing is always perfect.

by Maggie Brendan - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Romance

Greta Olsen arrives in Central City, Colorado, as a mail-order bride, expecting to marry Jess Gifford. But when she meets Cora Johnson, she discovers she’s not the only bride waiting at the train station for Jess. The young women can hardly believe it when not Jess but his brother Zach picks them up from the station --- and reveals that Jess knows nothing about any mail-order bride, let alone two. Will either bride make the match she hopes for?