Howard Blum

Howard Blum is the author of the New York Times bestseller and Edgar Award winner AMERICAN LIGHTNING, as well as WANTED!, THE GOLD EXODUS, GANGLAND and THE FLOOR OF HEAVEN. Blum is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. While at the New York Times, he was twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. He lives in Connecticut and is the father of three children.

Howard Blum

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by Howard Blum - History, Nonfiction

When a “neutral” United States becomes a trading partner for the Allies early in World War I, the Germans implement a secret plan to strike back. A team of saboteurs devise a series of “mysterious accidents” using explosives and biological weapons to bring down vital targets. New York Police Inspector Tom Tunney, head of the department’s Bomb Squad, is assigned the difficult mission of stopping them.