Anne Enright

Anne Enright is a Booker Prize-winning Irish author. She has published essays, short stories, a non-fiction book and four novels. Before her novel THE GATHERING won the 2007 Man Booker Prize, Enright had a low profile in Ireland and the United Kingdom, although her books were favourably reviewed and widely praised. Her writing explores themes such as family relationships, love and sex, Ireland's difficult past and its modern zeitgeist.

Anne Enright

Books by Anne Enright

by Anne Enright - Memoir

Enright was married for eighteen years before she and her husband Martin, a playwright, decided to have children. While each baby slept during their first two years of life, Enright wrote, in dispatches, about the mess, the glory, and the raw shock of motherhood.

by Anne Enright - Fiction

Gina Moynihan remembers her affair with "the love of her life," Seán Vallely, while awaiting the arrival of Seán's fragile, 12-year-old daughter, Evie --- the complication, and gravity, of this second life.