Glenn Stout

Glenn Stout is the author of YOUNG WOMAN AND THE SEA, RED SOX CENTURY, YANKEES CENTURY, THE DODGERS and THE CUBS. He has been the editor of The Best American Sports Writing since its inception.

Glenn Stout

Books by Glenn Stout

by Glenn Stout - Nonfiction, Sports

In anticipation of its 100th anniversary, here's the untold story of how Fenway Park was born and the remarkable first season ever played there 

by Glenn Stout - Baseball, History, Nonfiction, Sports

THE CUBS chronicles the long, rich, counterintuitive history of this team in all its depth, nuance and colo.

by Glenn Stout - Baseball, Nonfiction, Sports

Perhaps more has been written about the New York Yankees than about any other sports team. And the magic that has played out on the field over the years has been rivaled only by baseball scribes' prowess on the page. Excellence breeds excellence, and for 100 years some of the best writers in America have chronicled the New York Yankees, taking a single swing or game and somehow making it singular. 

by Glenn Stout and Richard A. Johnson - Baseball, Nonfiction, Sports


YANKEES CENTURY chronicles the full history of this storied franchise, with the most compelling and authoritative narrative of the team ever written, more than 250 stunning photographs, and essays by some of the game's colorful scribes. Here you'll read about the unlikely scheme to build a ballpark in Manhattan atop solid rock, the magic of the Bambino rounding the bases, the stately DiMaggio taking the field, and much more. Yankees Century takes you on an unforgettable journey through time and shows how the Bronx Bombers have managed to win again and again.