Sebastian Barry

Sebastian Barry was born in Dublin in 1955. His plays include Boss Grady's Boys (1988), The Steward of Christendom (1995), Our Lady of Sligo (1998), The Pride of Parnell Street (2007) and Dallas Sweetman (2008). Among his novels are THE WHEREABOUTS OF ENEAS MCNULTY (1998), ANNIE DUNNE (2002) and A LONG LONG WAY (2005), the latter shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. His poetry includes The Water-Colourist (1982), Fanny Hawke Goes to the Mainland Forever (1989) and The Pinkening Boy (2005). His awards include the Irish-America Fund Literary Award, The Christopher Ewart-Biggs Prize, the London Critics Circle Award, The Kerry Group Irish Fiction Prize, and Costa Awards for Best Novel and Book of the Year. He lives in Wicklow with his wife Ali, and three children, Merlin, Coral and Tobias.

Sebastian Barry

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by Sebastian Barry - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Thomas McNulty, having fled the Great Famine in Ireland and aged barely 17, signs up for the US army in the 1850s, and with his brother-in-arms, John Cole, goes on to fight in the Indian wars --- against the Sioux and the Yurok --- and ultimately, the Civil War. Orphans of terrible hardships themselves, they find these days to be vivid and alive, despite the horrors they see and are complicit in. Moving from the plains of Wyoming to Tennessee, Sebastian Barry’s latest work is a masterpiece of atmosphere and language. An intensely poignant story of two men and the makeshift family they create with a young Sioux girl, Winona, DAYS WITHOUT END is a fresh and haunting portrait of the most fateful years in American history, and is a novel never to be forgotten.

by Sebastian Barry - Fiction

Told in the first person, as a narrative of Lilly Bere's life over 17 days, ON CANAAN'S SIDE opens as she mourns the loss of her grandson. Lilly revisits her past, going back to the moment she was forced to flee Ireland, at the end of the First World War, and continues her tale in America, a world filled with both hope and danger.