Anita Shreve

Anita Shreve is the acclaimed author of such novels as RESCUE, A CHANGE IN ALTITUDE, TESTMONY, THE PILOT'S WIFE, which was a selection of Oprah's Book Club, and THE WEIGHT OF WATER, which was a finalist for England's Orange prize. She lives in Massachusetts.

Anita Shreve

Books by Anita Shreve

by Anita Shreve - Fiction, Historical Fiction

During World War I, a woman with an American accent who was found dressed in a British nurse's aide uniform awakens in a French field hospital, with no memories of how she got there and no idea of who she might be. Tentatively dubbing herself "Stella Bain," she is compelled to head for London where she believes she'll find clues to unravel the mystery of her identity.

by Anita Shreve - Fiction

"A marriage is always two intersecting stories." This realization comes perhaps too late to the husband of Etna Bliss-a man whose obsession with his young wife begins at the moment of their first meeting and culminates in a marriage doomed by secrets and betrayal.

by Anita Shreve - Fiction, General Fiction

The year is 1899, and Olympia Biddeford, the headstrong daughter of a Boston Brahmin family, has decided to test the limits of her cloistered world. Spending the summer at her father's New Hampshire estate, the teenage heroine of Fortune's Rocks is entranced with the visiting salon of artists, writers, and lawyers --- and especially by John Haskell, a charismatic physician.