Jane Mendelsohn

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson grew up in La Marque, Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas and the UT Law School. She was twice elected to the Texas House of Representatives. In 1990 she was elected Texas state treasurer, and in 1993, she became the first woman elected to represent Texas in the U.S. senate. Seven years later, more than four million Texans reelected her to a second full term. In 2001 she was elected vice chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, becoming one of the top five leaders of Senate Republicans and the only woman. Senator Hutchinson lives in Dallas with her husband, Ray, an attorney, and their daughter, Bailey, and son, Houston.

Jane Mendelsohn

Books by Jane Mendelsohn

by Jane Mendelsohn - Family, Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE tells the story of two girls. Neva, from the mountains of Russia, was sold into the sex trade at the age of ten; Poppy is the adopted daughter of Steve, the patriarch of a successful New York real estate clan, the Zanes. She is his sister’s orphaned child. One of these young women will unwittingly help bring down this grand household with the inexorability of Greek tragedy, and the other will summon everything she’s learned and all her strength to try to save its members from themselves.

by Jane Mendelsohn - Fiction, Historical Fiction

At this novel's center are Milo, a severely wounded veteran of the Iraq War confined to a rehabilitation hospital, and Honor, his physical therapist, a former dancer. When Honor touches Milo’s destroyed back, mysterious images from the past appear to each of them, puzzling her and shaking him to the core.