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Norb Vonnegut

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by Norb Vonnegut - Mystery, Thriller

When Palmer Kincaid’s body washes ashore, the apparent victim of an accidental drowning, it is up to Grove O’Rourke to take over his company. The Charleston Fund takes money from philanthropists and funnels their funds into the charities of their wishes, but O’Rourke discovers something strange when he authorizes a $20 million transfer requested by the Catholics Victims’ Fund. He gets a call from a lawyer representing the people of Fayetteville, North Carolina, against a new sex superstore in their town, and the store’s funding comes from the most unlikely source: the Catholic Victims’ Fund!

by Norb Vonnegut - Fiction, Thriller

After a sterling start to Jimmy Cusack’s Wall Street career, things have soured. And his wife is two months pregnant. But when Cusack takes a job with a Greenwich fund impervious to the capital market woes, his real troubles begin.