Guy Gavriel Kay

Guy Gavriel Kay is an internationally bestselling author. He has been awarded the International Goliardos Prize for his work in the literature of the fantastic, is a two-time winner of the Aurora Award, and won the 2008 World Fantasy Award for YSABEL. His works have been translated into more than 25 languages.

Guy Gavriel Kay

Books by Guy Gavriel Kay

by Guy Gavriel Kay - Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction
In UNDER HEAVEN, Guy Gavriel Kay told a vivid and powerful story inspired by China’s Tang Dynasty. Now, the international bestselling author revisits that invented setting four centuries later with an epic of prideful emperors, battling courtiers, bandits and soldiers, nomadic invasions, and a woman battling in her own way to find a new place for women in the world --- a world inspired this time by the glittering, decadent Song Dynasty.
by Guy Gavriel Kay - Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction

TIGANA is the magical story of a beleaguered land struggling to be free. It is the tale of a people so cursed by the black sorcery of a cruel despotic king that even the name of their once-beautiful homeland cannot be spoken or remembered.