Heidi Julavits

Heidi Julavits is the author of two previous novels, THE MINERAL PALACE and THE EFFECT OF LIVING BACKWARDS, as well as a collaborative book, HOTEL ANDROMEDA, with the artist Jenny Gage. She is a founding editor of The Believer, and her writings have appeared in Esquire, Time, The New York Times, McSweeney's among other places. She lives in Manhattan and Maine.

Heidi Julavits

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by Heidi Julavits - Fiction

Julia Severn is a student at an elite institute for psychics. Her mentor, Madame Ackermann, afflicted by jealousy, refuses to pass the torch to her young disciple. Instead, she subjects Julia to the humiliation of reliving her mother's suicide when Julia was an infant. As the two lock horns, Madame Ackermann launches a desperate psychic attack that leaves Julia the victim of a crippling ailment.