Jon Land

Jon Land is the USA Today bestselling author of over 35 novels, including STRONG ENOUGH TO DIE, STRONG JUSTICE, STRONG AT THE BREAK, STRONG VENGEANCE, STRONG RAIN FALLING (winner of the 2014 International Book Award and 2013 USA Best Book Award for Mystery-Suspense) and STRONG DARKNESS (winner of the 2014 USA Books Best Book Award and the 2015 International Book Award for Thriller). He's a 1979 graduate of Brown University, lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Jon Land

Books by Jon Land

by Jeff Buck, Jon Land, and Lindsay Preston - Memoir, Crime, History

Twenty years working undercover in the world of drugs has left Jeff Buck burned out and grateful to take the quiet job of police chief in Reminderville, Ohio.  However, a domestic assault case linked to the murder of a drug runner in upstate New York and a syndicate smuggling billions of dollars in drugs across the border has Buck plunging back into his old world of death and deceit.

written by Jon Land, created by Fabrizio Boccardi - Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Five years have passed since Michael Tiranno saved the city of Las Vegas from a terrorist attack. And now a new enemy has surfaced in Eastern Europe in the form of an all-powerful organization called Black Scorpion. Once a victim of human trafficking himself, the shadowy group's crazed leader, Vladimir Dracu, has become the mastermind behind the scourge's infestation on a global scale. And now he's set his sights on Michael Tiranno for reasons birthed in a painful secret past that have scarred both men.

by Jon Land - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Over the years, Caitlin Strong has taken on all manner of criminals and miscreants, thwarting the plans of villains to do vast damage to the country and state she loves. But none of that has prepared Caitlin for an investigation that pits her against ruthless billionaire oilman Calum Dane, whose genetically engineered pesticide may have poisoned a large swath of the state. How that poisoning is connected to the disappearance of 30 high school students presents Caitlin with the greatest and most desperate challenge of her career.

by Jon Land - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

The son of Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong’s boyfriend is nearly beaten to death at Brown University. The investigation leads back to Texas and to the Chinese high-tech company awarded the contract to build the US’s 5G network. Li Zhen, the company’s founder, counts that as the greatest achievement of his career, but it hides his true motivations --- nothing less than China’s total domination of the United States.

by Jon Land - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Blaine McCracken pulled off the impossible on a mission in Iran, but his work has just begun. Returning to the US, he faces another terrible threat in the form of Reverend Jeremiah Rule, whose hateful rhetoric has inflamed half the world, resulting in a series of devastating terrorist attacks. But Rule isn’t acting alone. A shadowy cabal is pulling his strings, unaware that they are creating a monster who will soon spin free of their control.

by Jon Land - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

A pitched gun battle forces fifth Generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong and her lover, Cort Wesley Masters, down a winding trail through the past and the present with danger at every turn. Along the way, they will confront terrible truths dating all the way back to the Mexican Revolution and the dogged battle Caitlin’s own grandfather and great-grandfather fought against the first generation of Mexican drug dealers.

by Jon Land - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

In a race against time, Rogue special-operations agent Blaine McCracken and his longtime partner in crime-fighting, Johnny Wareagle, pursue the source of the most ancient and terrifying weapon the world has yet encountered: dark matter. But a wealthy magnate and a doomsday cult leader are also seeking this weapon, each for their own nefarious reasons. McCracken and Wareagle find themselves confronting an unbelievable reality at the source of their quest.

by Jon Land - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong finds herself racing to stop a homegrown terrorist cell from unleashing an attack based on another ripped-from-the-headlines subject: the explosion of a massive dirty bomb composed of nuclear waste material.

Robert Fitzpatrick with Jon Land - Biography, Nonfiction, True Crime

In his crusade to bring Whitey Bulger to justice, FBI agent Robert Fitzpatrick faced not only Whitey but also corrupt FBI agents, along with political cronies and enablers from Boston to Washington who, in one way or another, blocked his efforts at every step.

by Jon Land - Fiction, Thriller

Fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong returns in an adventure with roots in a gunfight where her father shot down the cult-like leader of a separatist church.

by Jon Land - Thriller

A killer proves he can penetrate the world’s finest security systems, and an undercover op must come out of retirement before the President enters the crosshairs.