Jonis Agee

Fiction writer, essayist and screenwriter Jonis Agee was born in Omaha, Nebraska,and grew up in Nebraska and Missouri, places where many of her stories and novels are set. In addition, she lived for many years in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she taught at The College of St. Catherine. She has also taught at the University of Michigan, and the University of Nebraska. Educated at The University of Iowa (BA) and The State University of New York at Binghamton (MA, PhD), she is the Adele Hall Professor of English at The University of Nebraska --- Lincoln, where she teaches creative writing and twentieth-century fiction.

Her most recent novel, THE RIVER WIFE (Random House, 2007) is about five generations of women who experience love and heartbreak, passion and deceit against the backdrop of the nineteenth-century South. The book was selected by the Book of the Month Club, the Literary Guild, and as a main selection by the Quality Paperback Book Club.

She lives on an acreage north of Omaha, Nebraska, along the Missouri River, with her husband, writer Brent Spencer.

Jonis Agee

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by Jonis Agee - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

Ten years after the 7th Calvary massacred more than 200 Lakota men, women, and children at Wounded Knee, J. B. Bennett, a white rancher, and Star, a young Native American woman, are murdered in a remote meadow on J. B.’s land. The deaths bring together the scattered members of the Bennett family: his cunning and hard father, Drum; his estranged wife, Dulcinea; and his young sons, Cullen and Hayward. As the mystery of these twin deaths unfolds, the history of the dysfunctional Bennett’s and their damning secrets are revealed --- exposing the conflicted heart of a nation caught between past and future.

by Jonis Agee - Fiction

When the earthquake brings Annie Lark’s Missouri house down on top of her, she finds herself Facing certain death. Rescued by Jacques Ducharme, Annie learns to love the strong, brooding man and resolves to live out her days as his “River Wife.” More than a century later Hedie Rails comes to Jacques’ Landing to marry Clement Ducharme, and the young couple begin their life together in the very house Jacques built for Annie so long ago. When, night after late night, mysterious phone calls take Clement from their home, a pregnant Hedie finds comfort in Annie’s leather-bound journals. But as she reads of the sinister dealings that spelled out tragedy for the rescued bride, Hedie fears that her own life is paralleling Annie’s, and that history is repeating itself with Jacques’ kin.