Lee Smith

Lee Smith is the author of two other story collections, Cakewalk and Me and My Baby View the Eclipse, and nine novels, including The Christmas Letters, Saving Grace, The Devil's Dream, Fair and Tender Ladies,Family Linen, Oral History, and Black Mountain Breakdown. Her stories and articles have appeared in a diverse array of periodicals and anthologies such as Southern Review, Redbook, The New York Times, and Atlantic. She is currently at work on a tenth novel.

Smith, a professor in the English department at North Carolina State, has received numerous awards and honors including the Lila Wallace/Reader's Digest Award, the Robert Penn Prize for Fiction, the O Henry Award (twice), and a fellowship at the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies. She lives in North Carolina.

Lee Smith

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by Lee Smith - Fiction

Evalina Toussaint, the orphaned child of an exotic dancer in New Orleans, is just 13 when she is admitted to Highland Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina. The year is 1936, and the mental hospital is under the direction of the celebrated psychiatrist Robert S. Carroll. His innovative program of treatment for mental and nervous disorders and addictions is based on exercise, diet, art, and occupational therapies --- and experimental shock therapy.

by Lee Smith - Historical Fiction

A dusty box discovered in the wreckage of a once prosperous plantation on Agate Hill in North Carolina contains the remnants of an extraordinary life: diaries, letters, poems, songs, newspaper clippings, court records, marbles, rocks, dolls, and bones. It's through these treasured mementos that we meet Molly Petree, a refugee who has no interest in self-pity.