Emily Giffin

Emily Giffin is the New York Times bestselling author of  SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE, BABY PROOF, LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH and HEART OF THE MATTER. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and three young children.

Emily Giffin

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Books by Emily Giffin

by Emily Giffin - Fiction, Literary Fiction

Thirty-three-year-old Shea Rigsby has spent her entire life in Walker, Texas.  Shea was too devoted to her hometown team to leave. But when an unexpected tragedy strikes the tight-knit Walker community, Shea’s comfortable world is upended, and she begins to wonder if the life she’s chosen is really enough for her. Shea discovers unsettling truths about the people and things she has always trusted most --- and is forced to confront her deepest desires, fears and secrets.

by Emily Giffin - Fiction, Women's Fiction, Young Adult 15+

Marian Caldwell, a 36-year-old television producer, is living her dream in New York City. With a fulfilling career and a satisfying relationship, Marian has everyone convinced that her life is going just the way she wants it to be. But when Kirby Rose, an 18-year-old with a key to Marian’s past, shows up on her doorstep, everything Marian has worked so hard to keep secret pours out.