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Lisa Rogak is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 40 books. Her works have been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Parade Magazine, USA Today, Family Circle, and hundreds of other publications, and she has appeared on Oprah. Her book HAUNTED HEART: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF STEPHEN KING was nominated for an Edgar. A few years back, the Vail Daily said she’s written “the most absurd selection of books known to man.” Through the years, in addition to writing books on a tremendously diverse range of topics, she has published newsletters and books, started a greeting card company for dogs and cats, bought and sold vintage funeral equipment, and served as a ghostwriter. A classically-trained pianist, she plays piano, upright bass and viola with a variety of ensembles. She likes to get lost in old bookshops and junk stores and bakes like a fiend, which earns her many fans. Lisa grew up in Glen Rock, New Jersey, and spent most of the 1980s living in New York City. In 1988, she headed north and landed in New Hampshire. After spending two decades there, she lived in Charleston, South Carolina, for a couple of years before hitting the road full-time. After spending time in Central America, Norway, Spain, Panama, Scotland, Eastern Europe, Mexico, and a variety of Caribbean islands, she headed back to New Hampshire to happily settle back down.

Lisa Rogak

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Since his arrival at "The Daily Show" in 1999, Jon Stewart has become one of the major players in comedy as well as one of the most significant liberal voices in the media today. In ANGRY OPTIMIST, Lisa Rogak charts his unlikely rise to political stardom, from his early stand-up days and the short-lived but acclaimed "The Jon Stewart Show." Drawing on interviews with current and former colleagues, she reveals how things work behind the scenes at "The Daily Show."