by Andrew Grant

Introducing David Trevellyan, a man trained by the Royal Navy to
be, well, a kind of super agent. He’s the guy you want around
when a sticky situation comes up. He carries the right tools, and
his cavalier attitude sends signals that he’s not worried
about the bad guys getting the upper hand. They haven’t so

Trevellyan has been meticulously trained for his career, and in
EVEN he is going to need every ounce of his skill, to clear his
name and save his life. He has never doubted that he could.
“…only one thing you had to have. A kind of sixth
sense. Useful, if you wanted to pass your assessment. Vital, if you
wanted to stay alive afterward.”

It all started when he was on his way back to his hotel one
night in Manhattan. Walking along after a late dinner, he discovers
a body in an alley. Ignoring the obvious danger, he steps in to
take a better look. It couldn’t have been worse timing. Just
as he’s going through the corpse’s pockets, a police
car slides to a stop, lights flashing, catching him red-handed.
They won’t listen to explanations, so David doesn’t
even try to give them one.

It’s not as though Trevellyan hasn’t killed before,
but he certainly didn’t murder this poor wretch. And the more
he thinks about it, the more he realizes it smells fishy. The bum
in the alley was still warm --- and the cops show up? Common
knowledge on the street has it that they don’t really rush
all that much when it’s just a dead tramp. Who would care?
But they certainly arrived in record time, and they were deadly
serious. Fortunately, Trevellyan can take care of himself.
It’s a good thing, too, because he finds himself pretty much
on his own. But then, trust is not a commodity he has much stock

“In my world you are surrounded by deceit….You end
up convinced that everyone is hiding something from you. Friend, as
well as foe. Which experience shows is not too far from the

In a strange turn of events, Trevellyan grudgingly partners up
with the FBI. He’d really rather be on a plane headed back to
London. But someone who has real pull with him wants him to help
the Bureau in New York. A woman named Tanya. A woman from
Trevellyan’s past. One he worked with, one he’s
delighted to work with again, and one he really would like some
after-work time with. And here she is, in New York.

The case of the dead man in the alley blossoms into a situation
that looks like it may have global consequences. Clearly, more than
one death is involved, and the threat of more to come keeps David
in New York far longer than he had wanted. So does Tanya.

The components the unlikely team unearths as they search for
clues to who murdered the tramp become part of an even bigger
puzzle. What are the people they’re looking for doing?
What’s their goal? Are they planning a massive attack, or are
they simply doing it for the thrill? Do they have more victims

There’s one thing they do know: they have mere hours to
come up with the answers to all of their questions. As the scheme
takes shape, the full horror of it becomes unbearably clear.
Trevellyan --- and the FBI --- can’t afford to be wrong.

It’s a pleasure observing Trevellyan’s methods. You
have to love his philosophy. Take, for example, his approach to
finding a needle in a haystack: “So a needle’s in
there, and we need it back. No problem. Get some matches. Hay
burns. Needles don’t.” This is a man who prefers the
direct approach. More importantly, he is highly capable, not to
mention highly irreverent, delightfully witty, and deadly in his

EVEN will blow your socks off. Andrew Grant pulls his readers in
with the first page and doesn’t let go until he’s
finished with them. Kind of like David Trevellyan. Thriller fans
won’t find a better book this season.

Reviewed by Kate Ayers on January 21, 2011

by Andrew Grant

  • Publication Date: March 30, 2010
  • Genres: Fiction, Thriller
  • Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
  • ISBN-10: 0312358482
  • ISBN-13: 9780312358488